Can generate makefile to build from Command prompt/script?

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Can generate makefile to build from Command prompt/script?

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Dear Officer,

I am using CW 5.2 IDE to build the project ( by clicking on the Make icon). Can we also support to use the makefile directly? (then triggering the code build from command prompt or script). and how to generate the makefile?

Thanks and best regards

He Wei

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

HI He Wei 

The HC12 makefile sample code can be found under

{your CW install directory}\(CodeWarrior_Examples)\MakeFileSample_HC12.

This sample code is available for all HC(S)12 derivatives.

you need make sure INSTALL PATH in build.bat match with your own CW installation path. 

NOTE: blank character is forbidden for path!

We don't have the exact feature of generating makefile.

However there are some options in compiler, linker you can use with the IDE to help you to create the makefile.

For instance the compiler:

- set the option -Lm: List of Included Files in Make Format

-  set the option -LmCfg: Configuration of List of Included Files in Make Format


After you compiled the project you will have:

- a file make.txt (generated by the option -lm) useful to create the makefile. The generated list is in the make format


Have a great day,
Jun Zhang

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