T2081 board bring up , nor flash

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T2081 board bring up , nor flash

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I have a custom t2081 board.i am in the process of bringing it up. Sysclk and ddr clk are both 66.6 MHz.
I used por hcw and used JTAG configuration file to give pll configuration.
Now ,want to program the flash with the required rcw. For this I used init_sram.tcl file for t2081 to initialize cpc ram as write -read memory. I could do that successfully. but when do -
Display oxe8000000 10 , I get ccs protocol memory read error.
What could be the problem.i have 256MB of Nor flash.so I changed the init_sram.tcl content for nor flash for 256MB.but when I probe the ifc address and cs signals, they don't toggle at all(I saw these signals by routing to FPGA).

1. Can you tell me what could be the problem?

2.can you please send me the init_sram.tcl(from installation directory , from t2091 qds directory), with TLB and CAM registers programmed for 256MB of memory? I suopose this is the problem for ifc signals being unaffected.

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Hi Monali,

we have our custom T2081 board. The code warrior is able to detect JTAG and says chain has established. we have set to RCW configuration and trying to connect internal SRAM of the T2081. In this process we are getting the error of failed to connect  JTAG chain after 88% of transaction between board and Code warrior on PC. 

Did you also face this issue? if so than can you please explain steps to overcome the same. we can communicate further with hemanttiwari1992@gmail.com


Hemant T

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Monali Haware,

Please modify "IFC Controller Setup" in CodeWarrior initialization file according to the NOR flash on your target board.
Please refer to IFC Controller Configuration on QorIQ Custom Boards to calculate IFC controller configuration parameters according to the NOR flash datasheet.

In addition, please refer to https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-100896 to do flash programming.

Have a great day,

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