RAM overlap : Bootloader & user program

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RAM overlap : Bootloader & user program

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Hi All,


We have two different projects i.e Bootloader and user program . Consider the following sequence on power on reset,  .

bootloader startup code ->bootcode->user program start up code->userprogram

Can we use  different global variables(global variable 1 : Boot loader & global variable : 2 user program ) which share the same RAM location.

Anyhow, im clearing RAM (start up code ). while jumping to application. there  shouldn't be any issues right?


Can we used shared RAM  in this case ? Is there any implication ? please help ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Ruby,

It's very important for us to know the software and hardware configuration you're using.

1- Software: what is the tool version used ?

To do that you must:

  Under CodeWarrior IDE (classic)

                Start the IDE and click on Help | About Freescale CodeWarrior.

                Click on Installed Products

                Provide us all info displayed.

                Or you can save them in a txt file.

  Under Eclipse IDE

    1-        Start Eclipse and click on Help ¦ Freescale Licenses

                The Status column gives the status of the license.

                Under Product, select it and click on details.

                A new dialog show up giving license details.

                Provide us all info displayed

    2-        Start Eclipse and click on Help ¦ About CodeWarrior Development Studio

                Under Installed Products, you will see the version used.

2- Hardware:

    1- Device/processor/board

    2- Interface (Multilink, etc ...).

Have a great day,
Freescale Technical Support
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