How to used X-Gate in codewarriror using processor expert

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How to used X-Gate in codewarriror using processor expert

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How to used X-Gate in mc9s12xhz

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

hi KDN.

I ever got feedback from processor expert team on this question:


We support HCS12X derivatives with XGate (for example XDP512), but we do not support any code generation for XGate. Currently we do not plan to add support for this.


So officially Freescale doesn't recommend user use XGate and processor expert together.

if you try to add PE by Processor Expert->Open PE Project, Error occurred on your side is not because of the xgate but because of the files conflict when you import Processor Expert into your project. This error may also happen in non-xgate target. You could try it.

When you added PE by Processor Expert->Open PE Project, PE will add files which includes IO_Map.h, main module (.c file contains main() function), .prm with declarations for the peripheral modules to the project. These added files may cause conflicts.

As you know, if we use PE, we need to remove mc9s12xhz512.c (mc9s12xhz512.h), because they conflict with IO_Map.c (IO_Map.c). both of them are files to define peripheral register. We also need to remove the conflicted main file.

Aside from the above, we need also think about the prm file. We must the new prm file PE created instead of the old one. You still use the old prm file, so the error L1119 happened. This was happening because the old .prm file you were using had declared the vector 0 (reset vector, in the last line of .prm file) and the interrupt table you had in vectors files(eg. vector.c) had also the same vector used, so there were two different files that were trying to place a function in the same vector (this is an error even if the function that is going to be placed is the same).

To fix this problem, there are two solutions:

Solution 1: replace the old prm file with the new one that produced by PE.
Solution 2: comment “VECTOR 0 _Startup” of the last line of prm file and add “INIT _EntryPoint” there.

can this help you?

Have a great day,
Zhang Jun

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