microcontroller chip( MC9S08DZ60) lost the program inside

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microcontroller chip( MC9S08DZ60) lost the program inside

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem about the controller chip( MC9S08DZ60) losing the program after several months’ running. We make a controller board used in the car. And this board has passed the environment,mechanical vibration、EMC requirements(Level3 : ISO7637, IS011452, ISO10605,etc). The controller board working frequency is 20MHz. And we downloaded the program into the MC9S08DZ60 in two steps:1st, we flashed the bootloader program into the chip; 2nd,we flashed the app program into the chip,then we can update the program by the CAN-BUS.

We have produced thousands of the controller boards by the way above and never met the chip program lost problem. But recently,more than ten controller boards has been found the problem.


Can anyone help me solve this problem? thanks a lot!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



the units that failed, the MCU is corrupted? what happened if you reprogram the part? what happened if you put a new device on the failed board?


If the program is corrupted, are you able to perform an attached to the device?

Please let me know if you can share this information, if the information can not be shared on this community forum, I can create a ticket for you


Please let me know your comments


have a good day


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Thanks a lot !


There are thirteen boards have been found this problem. Some of them just lost the App,and the others lost both the App and boot loader program.


When we found this problem, we will reprogram these boards and they recover their functions in the lab enviroment. But when we reused these boards in the car,most of them will lost program again.


I am puzzled, boot loaded program was flashed into the MCU flash through JTAG, and the app program was flashed into the MCU flash by CAN bus line. The board worked well began, but after some days,the board doesn’t work. We read the MCU flash address space where stored the APP program,and found the APP flash address space filled with “FF”.


So, I want to known what hardware or software mistakes can make a normal board not works well anymore.


Maybe the disturbance through the JTAG ports or by the impact of ESD?

Thank you again.

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