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Newbie DEBUG question

Contributor I

Deag guru's,


Pleas advice,


How to start debug my program, based on HC908 mcu,

i made small firmware that \communicates with PC via USB interface.

Now i want to test it and debug under MON08 monitor.


I flashed my code into MCU with PGSZ08.

Then inserted mcu into real board and plugged in PC, but some functions failed.

Then i entered the monitor mode, but how to call user functin to communicate with PC as in real situation?

In normal mode, my mcu detects at PC like normal device with preprogrammed VID/PID .

But in monitor mode it detects as unknown device PID=0000 VID=0000.


Any rules to start normal _main under mon08?

tanx !

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Contributor V

I too would like to know a better way to debug an MCU connected by USB to a PC.


My problem with the CodeWarrior v6 debugger has always been with interrupts.  If any of my firmware contains interrupt code (USB, IRQ, KBI, etc.), the debugger is absolutely useless.  And its option to disable interrupts while stepping has never worked for me.


So I've never been able to debug software that had interrupts.

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