i.MX6 DDR Stress Test Tool V1.0.3

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Hi All,


DDR_Stress_Tester is a software application for fine tuning DDR parameters and verifying DDR

performance on i.MX6 boards. It performs write leveling, DQS gating, read/write delay

calibration on the target board to match the layout of the board and archive the best DDR performance.

In addition, the stress test can help the user to verify the DDR performance on their boards.


The following are the features supported:

• Support i.MX6Q, i.MX6D, i.MX6DL, iMX6S, i.MX6SL, and i.MX6SX DDR calibration.

• Support DDR3 write leveling, DQS gating, Read/Write Delay auto-calibration.

• Support LPDDR2 Read/Write Delay auto-calibration.

• Support 16 bits, 32 bits, and 64 bits data bus.

• Support fixed-mapping 2-channel LPDDR2.

• Support DDR stress test between the frequency 135MHz and 672 MHz


If  USB OTG port is not available on customer board, please use the images in DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3_UART1_for_SDboot&JTAG.zip.

The bin files in the packages can be loaded by uboot and elf files are used by JTAG load.  Please note when the image is loaded by u-boot, the DDR is initialized by u-boot (reference flash_header.S).


To run ddr stress test from u-boot, CONFIG_SPLASH_SCREEN must be disabled in u-boot. Because when enter self refresh mode in ddr stress test, DRAM access will be blocked. If splash screen in u-boot is enabled, IPU will continuously access DRAM, so the system will hang up.

If you have other DMA access in u-boot, it must be disabled.


If customer uses different RX/TX pin for UART, please contact FAE.




The commands to run ddr test in i.MX6Q uboot:

U-Boot > fatload mmc 2:1 0x907000 ddr-stress-test-mx6dq.bin

U-Boot > go 0x907000



For i.MX6Q/6D 4K interleaved LPDDR2, please use version v1.0.3.1.

i.MX6 DDR Stress Test Tool V1.0.3.1 for LPDDR2 4K interleaved mode

For i.MX6/i.MX7 DDR Stress Test Tool with GUI interface, please use version V2.x:

i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V3.00



V1.0.3:  i.MX6SoloX is supported.


Original Attachment has been moved to: DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3_UART1_for_SDboot&JTAG.zip
Original Attachment has been moved to: DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3.zip
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Original Attachment has been moved to: DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.2_UART1_for_SDboot&JTAG.zip