i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Tool Release

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i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Tool Release

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i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Tool Release

Important: If you have any questions or would like to report any issues with the DDR tools or supporting documents please create a support ticket in the i.MX community. Please note that any private messages or direct emails are not monitored and will not receive a response.

i.MX 6/7 Series Family DDR Tools Overview

This page contains the latest releases for the i.MX 6/7 series DDR Tools. The tools described on this page cover the following i.MX 6/7 series SoCs:

  • i.MX 6DQP (Dual/Quad Plus)
  • i.MX 6DQ (Dual/Quad)
  • i.MX 6DL/S (Dual Lite/Solo)
  • i.MX 6SoloX
  • i.MX 6SL
  • i.MX 6SLL
  • i.MX 6UL
  • i.MX 6ULL/ULZ
  • i.MX 7D/S
  • i.MX 7ULP

The purpose of the i.MX 6/7 series DDR Tools is to enable users to generate and test a custom DRAM initialization based on their device configuration (density, number of chip selects, etc.) and board layout (data bus bit swizzling, etc.). This process equips the user to then proceed with the bring-up of a boot loader and an OS. Once the OS is brought up, it is recommended to run an OS-based memory test (like Linux memtester) to further verify and test the DDR memory interface.

The i.MX 6/7 series DDR Tools consist of:

  • DDR Register Programming Aid (RPA)
  • DDR Stress test

i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Stress Test

The i.MX 6/7 Series DDR stress test tool is a Windows-based software tool that is used as a mechanism to verify that the DDR initialization is operational prior for use in u-boot and OS bring-up.
The DDR Stress Test tool can be found here:

i.MX 6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool

Note that the DDR Stress test tool supports all of the above i.MX SoCs, however, some of the supported i.MX SoCs named in the tool support multiple i.MX SoCs as follows:

  • MX6DQ – when selected, this supports both i.MX 6DQ and i.MX 6DQP (Plus)
  • MX6DL – when selected, this supports both i.MX 6DL and i.MX 6S (i.MX 6DLS family)
  • MX6ULL – when selected, this supports both i.MX 6ULL and i.MX6 ULZ
  • MX7D – when selected, this supports both i.MX 7D and i.MX 7S


i.MX 6/7 Series DDR Register Programming Aid (RPA)

The i.MX 6/7 series DDR RPA (or simply RPA) is an Excel spreadsheet tool used to develop DDR initialization for a user’s specific DDR configuration (DDR device type, density, etc.). The RPA generates the DDR initialization script for use with the DDR Stress Test tool. For a history of the previous versions of an RPA, refer to the Revision History tab of the respective RPA.

To obtain the latest RPAs, please refer to the following links:


i.MX 6DQ

i.MX 6DL/S

i.MX 6SoloX

i.MX 6SL






DRAM Register Programming Aids FAQ



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