Task #9 - How to add bad/ugly

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Bad and Ugly gstreamer plugins has their own special licensing, so it cannot be released formally inside any tarball. (I do not understand it deeply, if you want more info, please go to GStreamer: Licensing advice)


But you can add it on your own image, and you only need to change the local.conf


Please, add the following code to your local.conf:





gst-plugins-ugly-mad \

gst-plugins-ugly-mpegaudioparse \



gst-plugins-ugly-mpeg2dec \

gst-plugins-ugly-mpegstream \

gst-plugins-bad-mpegvideoparse \



packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer \

gst-plugins-base-videotestsrc \

gst-plugins-bad-fbdevsink \

gst-ffmpeg alsa-utils \

gst-plugins-good-isomp4 \



Please, note that this will not install *every* plugin from ugly or bad. It will only install the plugins from the list.


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