Kinetis Design Studio Update V3.1.0 available

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This is an update to Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 which updates it to version V3.1.0. You need KDS V3.0.0 installed in order to install this update.

This update includes as well a Processor Expert for Kinetis V3.0.2 update. It is an online update through the Eclipse update mechanism.


Note: the updates are available for offline installation as well from the download section on


This update fixes a know issue with the dependency to the GNU ARM Eclipse plugins described in Unable to Debug after KDS Update .


Online Update

To install the update from the Eclipse update site, the preferred method is to use the menu

Help > Check for Updates

As this lists many other updates which might cause conflicts, make sure you only select the Kinetis Design Studio 3.1.0 update:

KDS v3.1.0 update.jpg

Install the update, then in a second update you can install the other KDS updates. Here again, do not select other 3rd party updates as this might cause conflicts:

Then go through the installation process.


An alternative method is to use

Help > Install New Software

and use the following Eclipse Update site:

(Note: this is an Eclipse update site, not usable for a web browser)



Then select "Kinetis Design Studio 3.1.0" update from the list (shown for Windows host below):

windows host update 3.1.0.png

Next it will inform about the actions taken. A Somnium portion of the IDE will be removed and replaced:

Install Remediation Page.png

Press 'Next' and go through the update process.


Offline Update

The update is available as zip archive which can be downloaded once and then used for an offline installation, pointing to the zip archive as update site.


Go to Kinetis Design Studio Integrated Development |NXP  and click 'Download' in the Download tab:


Select the KDS 3.0.0 for the host you are using:

Select the "Kinetis Design Studio 3.1.0" update (screenshot shown for Mac OS X) and download it:

In Kinetis Design Studio V3.0, use the menu Help > Install New Software and point to the downloaded file to install it.


For details additional, see the attached release notes.