How install (or check availability) patch and update under Eclipse ?

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Eclipse - How can I install (check for) patch and update ?

            Valid for all Eclipse versions - CW for MCU, CW for PA, etc ...



By default when an update (sometimes for patches too) is available a message will appear under Eclipse


If you click on the message a new dialog will appear



Via the Help Menu


Via the Help Menu you can access 2 features:

  • Check for Updates:

to update packages already installed

  • Install New Software …

to install new plugins.




  • To avoid problem we recommend to execute “Check for Updates” after to have executed “Install New Software”.



Install New Software …


This is a generic Eclipse feature and you must select a Software Site which could be:

  • Associated to a web link

This is the case for CodeWarrior Eclipse tools: MCU V10.6 for instance.

The correct link is proposed in the Software Sites list.


  • Associated to a local file

      You can download a patch on your PC (most of the time a .zip file) and install it.

      After to have downloaded a patch, you must add it in the Software Sites.

      Click on Add…



                       Via Archive you can select the file you’ve downloaded.

                       It will be added in the Software Sites list.




Sometimes you can not install all patches/Updates at same time.

Some patches/updates require a patch or an update already installed to be applied.

To install all patches and updates you could need to execute several time the process and re-start Eclipse between 2 processes.



Attached you will find a doc showing an example for MCU V10.6 using the 2 features:

  • Install New Software …
  • Check for Updates – not really used here.