• How to re-install FreeMASTER?

    Hello:    Last month,I installed the FreeMASTER ,and it could connect my board FRDMKE15Z. Yesterday I upgraded the newer version, but it could't connect the board.thus,I delected all the floders a...
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  • Does anyone make the real time heatmap on Freemaster script?

    I am just making the real time heatmap with d3_js. But it dosen't change the data in real time. And d3_js is difficult to me, I guess. Could you tell me the easiest way to making the real time heatmap?
    ko ik
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  • How To implement an interface using FreeMaster

    Introduction  FreeMaster is a real-time debug monitor and data visualization tool for embedded software applications that allow us to create a user-friendly graphic interface. FreeMASTER supports non-intrusive mo...
  • FreeMaster3.0 Installation failed

    The error shown in Figure 1 occurred when I installed Freemaster3.0.How can I solve this problem?
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  • PMSM parameter identification of FreeMASTER

    In Freemaster2.5, open Motor Control Application Tuning Tool. I no longer see the parameter identification TAB.But I saw the interface in the Application notes as shown in Figure 1.There's a parameter identification T...
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  • Error occurred when Tuning Mode was set to Basic

    Open Freemaster 2.5's Motor Control Application Tuning Tool, and when I set the Tuning Mode to Basic, an error prompt as shown in Figure 1 will occur. I'm in the parameters TAB How to solve this problem?
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  • Regarding FreeMASTER with DEVKIT-ZVL128 at 32MHz Bus Clock.

    All resisters are seems 0x0 on FreeMASTER's Variables Watch like attached picture. Perhaps I guess debugger's clock issue because I am using DEVKIT-ZVL128 on 32MHz Bus Clock. And I know a function Uncheck “Use ...
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  • Freemaster Opens Once, Will Not Run Again

    Freemaster Opens Once, Will Not Run Again.  We installed Freemaster 3.0 on one of our technicians laptop.  After installing, Freemaster opened and ran.  We closed it, then tried to reopen.  The rot...
    Douglas Lynn
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  • Touch Tuning variables not plotted on Oscilloscope for a Custom FreeMASTER Project

    Hello Everyone, I am using FreeMASTER for a touch tunning exercise for the MKE15Z micro-controller. I used the sample project which is available with SDK and it works well. Here are the below snapshot of it's worki...
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  • Some problem about FreeMASTER on CAN

    In my S32K144's project ,I atteched FreeMASTER driver v2.0. I readed the user guide,and followed the instruction.   I created the project with Processer Expert, use can0 pal for communication. modify the "freem...
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  • Test Question - please ignore

    Test Question - please ignore
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  • FreeMASTER graph color changes back to black

    Hi All, I am using FreeMASTER with a custom board based on MKE15Z micro-controller for tuning touch parameters. Everything is working well, but I am facing some challenges with FreeMASTER regarding the color of vari...
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  • Data displayed by oscilloscope is intermittent

       As shown in the figure below, I use freemaster's oscilloscope to observe intermittent data.I want to know what's the cause.    We are looking forward to your favourable reply with k...
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  • Recorder Trigger View and Error Message needs improvement

    Dear Freemaster-Team, We made some screenshots, which should hopefully explain the issues.    Where do I see, which variables have been chosen for trigger?   Both edges seem not be possible. ...
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  • freeMASTER scripting

    Hi there I'm new to using freeMASTER & would appreciate if someone can help with following 1. How to use a command line to issue START command to freeMASTER to start with logging. For our test appli...
    Vinod Pandey
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  • Freemaster : visualize an Array in Scope

    Hello,   When you select an Array to be visualized in a Scope, if you select the full array name, you can only “Create a single Variable”. In this case, FreeMaster in reading only Array[0] or the ful...
    Luis Casado
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  • Bit mask does not work with 64bit variable

    If we configure in Freemaster a bitmask to a 8byte (64bit) variable, it doesen't work. The bitmask has no effect to the value.   Best Regards, Martin
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  • Error when opening project in FreeMaster

    Hello   I was following this guide (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12709.pdf ) to set up the FRDM-TOUCH, but I can't solve the error message appearing in step 7.3.  When importing...
    Niels Steyaert
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  • FreeMaster For FlexRay

    Hi, Can I use FreeMaster to monitor FlexRay Transmitted frames from a node ? If yes which document i can refer to use FreeMaster. I am using DEVKIT-MPC5748G development board
    Deepak Omanna
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  • Issues with the S32K116 Jumpstart project

    Hi all,   We have designed a S32K116 based PCB with OpenSDA and we have issues to control it with FreeMASTER.   In order to better understand the issue and isolate the problem, we switched the development ...
    Mohamed Amine Kouki
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