Watch FreeMASTER Four-Part Webinar Series - On-Demand Now

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Watch FreeMASTER Four-Part Webinar Series - On-Demand Now

Watch FreeMASTER Four-Part Webinar Series - On-Demand Now



FreeMASTER, from NXP, is a powerful real-time debugging and data visualization tool that can help you create engaging demo interfaces for your embedded application. Join NXP for this four-part on-demand training series as we’ll provide an overview of the software, it’s features, capabilities, available examples, application use cases and how to easily get started.


Part 1: Watch Now > 

Get to Know the Easy-to-Use FreeMASTER Runtime Debugging Tool – Now Part of MCUXpresso SDK

Join this session as we walk through live demos of FreeMASTER 3.0 examples provided in the SDK to highlight the main out-of-the-box features of this tool.


Part 2: Watch Now > 

Tips for Enhancing Embedded Applications with FreeMASTER UI from Various Development Environments like S32DS and Matlab/Simulink

Join this session to learn and explore multiple FreeMASTER enablement options and how to design your applications to be much more user-friendly.


Part 3: Watch Now > 

Introduction to FreeMASTER Dashboard Coding Using HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX and JSON-RPC

In this session we further explore FreeMASTER’s capabilities to connect to third-party applications primarily focused on the coding of JavaScript-based HTML to create interactive dashboard applications running either directly inside the FreeMASTER application or standalone in a local or remote web browser.


Part 4: Watch Now > 

Getting Started with FreeMASTER Lite and JSON-RPC Protocol: From Scripting to Visual Dashboards with Python and JavaScript

Join this webinar to learn more about FreeMASTER Lite and how to get started as we’ll share coding examples in Python and JavaScript.



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