Introducing FreeMASTER 3.0

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Introducing FreeMASTER 3.0

Introducing FreeMASTER 3.0

Dear users, 

18 year after releasing the first version the tool (called PCmaster that time) and four years since the FreeMASTER version 2.0 we are here again with something new. FreeMASTER 3.0 comes with updated communication protocol, extended floating and dockable graph views, new JSON-RPC scripting support and with a Chromium engine to render Control Pages. Old concepts of ActiveX scripting and the embedded Internet Explorer remain available for backward compatibility.

Along with the reworked desktop application, we also introduce FreeMASTER Lite service. The FreeMASTER Lite strips down the UI and concentrates on the communication core. Same as the desktop tool, the lite version enables users to connect to the target microcontroller board and to share the access with remote clients using JSON-RPC. It also runs its own web server and enables remote mobile devices like phones or tablets to connect, fetch HTML files and other resources and run the Control Page interface in a standalone environment.

FreeMASTER serial driver supporting the new version (v4) of the communication protocol is now available in the MCUXpresso SDK as a middleware component. See more details in the SDK Builder at

Use this newly created community page to discuss FreeMASTER use cases or issues.

See you around,

your FreeMASTER team.

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