FreeMASTER 3.0 - Installation Guide

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FreeMASTER 3.0 - Installation Guide

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FreeMASTER 3.0 - Installation Guide



This article will walk you through the installation process of FreeMASTER 3.0. You can get the installation package from the FreeMASTER download page.


Package content

Depending on your target OS platform you can choose one of the following options:

  • Windows package contains FreeMASTER desktop application, FreeMASTER Lite service (both 32-bit version) and documentation. It is self contained and does not required any prerequisites in order to be installed on a clean machine.
  • Linux package contains 64-bit version of FreeMASTER Lite service only. After downloading the installation file make sure that you add execution rights to it. Then run as any executable in the terminal:
    • sudo chmod +x FreeMASTER3.0.bin
    • ./FreeMASTER3.0.bin           




During the installation process you will be prompted with a Component Selection window (on Linux it has only one option - FreeMASTER Lite





FreeMASTER Lite requires an activation code that you can get free of charge by following the link, also provided at the bottom of the window (see above).


Once you access that link you will also receive a email containing your activation code. It may take a while so you can continue with the browser option that will lead you to the product page.



The activation code is available inside License Keys tab. You will be required to provide the key during component installation.



After you input the activation the installation process will resume.




Now FreeMASTER 3.0 is successfully installed on your machine, inside your selected installation directory (is also displayed in the final window as above).



You can launch FreeMASTER & FreeMASTER Lite using created shortcuts or directly by running the executables from the installation folder:

  • FreeMASTER - FreeMASTER 3.0\FreeMASTER\pcmaster.exe




For more information access the User Guide by following the shortcut or directly from FreeMASTER 3.0\FreeMASTER\\doc\pcm_um.pdf


  • FreeMASTER Lite - FreeMASTER 3.0\FreeMASTER Lite\node.exe




It will automatically open the User Guide in system default web browser after you run the executable (if it does not open navigate to  http://localhost:8090/). It can also be accessed without running the tool by opening the FreeMASTER 3.0\FreeMASTER Lite\html\index.html file.



Enjoy !


Dear Lulian, 

I received the following error message while try to install the version 3.0.1. Can you please help me with this? thanks

best regards


Hi yangyangzhang,

Before troubleshooting this issue please note that activation is required by FreeMASTER Lite only. You can start by using FreeMASTER (main tool) by deselecting the second option in the component screen (first picture in the article above). This way you can skip license verification process.


In most cases this one is related to user rights / group policies. Could you confirm that you have admin rights on the PC you are trying to install FreeMASTER on.

If so can you check the system services for the following item: FlexNet Licensing Service (it should be up and running)


Could you also provide your installation log, its default location is C:\NXP\FreeMASTER 3.0\_FreeMASTER_installation\Logs.

Kind regards,


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