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Unique Idenfication (UID) Questions

Question asked by dspNeil on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by dspNeil

I'm loooking at using the SIM_UID registers (SIM_UIDH, SIM_UIDMH, SIM_UIDML, SIM_UIDL) as a means of identifying specific boards.


1) Am I correct that these registers will be 100% unique for each processor?

2) Do I need to use all 4 registers to guarantee uniqueness, or is using the lower 1 or 2 "good enough" (we only produce a few hundred products a year).

3) How do I read out these values?  I can't find the registers defined in any of the MQX BSP/PSP files.

4) Any suggestions for generating unique software "unlock" keys using a processor's UID, to enable specific-user features?