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KwikStik Demo SW - wrong provider for target Alert

Question asked by Michele Marchetti on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2012 by kevin zamora

Dear all,


I am just starting playing with Kinetis KwikStik K40x256, CW 10.1 running on Windows 7.

I managed to compile the Demo Software but when I try to launch it on the debugger I get this Alert:

The provider for target task "Kwikstik_Demo_k40x256_Int_Flash" is "Flash programmer for kinetis".
The expected provider is "Flash Programmer for ARM".

Do you want to skip this task and continue launching?"

If I skip it the code seems to start to run, but nothing appears on the LCD and then execution eventually gets blocked.


Does anyone knows how to deal with this?

I am really struggling to compile & run a basic MQX example...