PDF "Version 3 ColdFire Core User’s Manual" document looks to be corrupted.

Discussion created by TomE on Nov 25, 2009
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I can't find anywhere else to report this. There are no Freescale web pages or links for reporting problems like this that I can find.


The "Version 3 ColdFire Core User’s Manual" PDF document on Freescale's web site is corrupted.

It doesn't display properly in Adobe Acrobat on Windows or t=on the Document Viewer in Ubuntu.

Section 4.11 is mangled starting on page 4-25, and has a lot missing.

This is the one linked from the "Documentation" tab of the MCF5329 product page. It is available at the following URL:

Please advise when a corrected version is available, or if a good version is available from somewhere else.