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FNET TCP/IP stack: Version 0.5.0 released. 

FNET Home page:

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FNET brief information:
The FNET is a free, open source software project (under GNU GPLv3) for building embedded communication software using the Freescale processors.


The stack provides following protocols and services:
  * Supported platforms:
     - Reindeer - MCF5282 (M5282EVB).
     - Kirin2 - MCF52235 (M2235EVB).
     - Kirin3 - MCF52259 (M2259EVB).
     - Lasko - MCF51CN128 (TWR-MCF51CN).
     - Other Freescale platforms to be supported soon.
  * Available as:
     - Stand-alone version. No underlying RTOS is required, although it can be used with it.
  * Supported Compilers:
     - Freescale CodeWarrior for ColdFire Version 7.1.
     - Freescale CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers Version 6.2.
  * BSD-style Socket layer API
  * Protocols:
     - User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
     - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
     - Internet Protocol (IPv4).
     - Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
     - Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
  * Network Interfaces:
     - Ethernet interface.
     - Loopback interface.
  * Services:
     - HTTP/0.9 server. Both SSI and CGI are supported.
     - DHCP client.
     - TFTP client.
     - Static File System.
     - CFM Flash driver.
  * Tools:
     - GUI File System Generation Tool.
  * Applications:
     - TFTP Bootloader.
     - Shell Application.
  * Doxygen User Documentation.


 Changes in 0.5.0 (since last public version):
 - Added TFTP client.
 - Added Coldfire Flash Module (CFM) driver.
 - Added FNET TFTP Bootloader.
 - Fixed DHCP client.
 - Updated Shell Demo application. Application parameters are saved in the flash.
 - Improved Shell library. Added blocking-command and multi-word parameter features.
 - A lot of other changes and fixes.


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