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Model on EVB doesn't start after re-partitioning for EEPROM

Question asked by Maciek on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by Maciek

I've been using S32K144 EVB with default memory settings without problems. FCFG1 register shows 0xC for the DEPART field then (which means all the FlexNVM used as D-Flash).


Then I've re-partitioned memory on S32K144 EVB using 'program partition command' from debugger. I've checked FCFG1 register and it shows 0x4 as expected (all FlexNVM used for EEPROM emulation).  Next, I've checked EEPROM functionality using some projects in S32DS - and it works as expected.


Now I've returned to MBD Toolbox and tried to build and load one of my previous models. The models are built without any problems/warnings. Then I see short blinks of the red LED near the RESET button on EVB and eventually this LED is turned on constantly (red light near reset button constantly 'ON'). And nothing happens - like there is no program running. Because there is no feedback from Simulink Diagnostic Viewer - I don't know what to do next...


After 'resetting' the device (erasing; FCFG1 returns 0xF - 'no functionality assigned to FlexNVM) - I again can see my models working on EVB after download.


How to get my models running after re-partitioning FlexNVM for EEPROM (with FCFG1:DEPART showing 0x4)?





Update (22.03): the same models when exported to S32DS, compiled using S32DS and loaded using S32DS debugger - run without problems on partitioned devices!