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I.MX8M Live Video Streaming

Question asked by JungHwan Park on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL



We'd like to develop live  video streaming using I.MX8M MPU.

Our concern is h264 encoding is software based.  


1. To develop Live video streaming services with 2 camera inputs( 2 Channel )  ,  what functions and Linux SDKs  does I.MX8M support ?


2.  How about CPU Load and bitrates for each cases   if we'd like to support h264 encode  with Full HD , HD , VGA , CIF resolutions and 30 fps, 20fps, 10fps ?

We think CPU load of SW based H264 codec is siginificant. 


3. Should we use LIVE555 Streaming Media to develop RTSP  Live  Streaming service with 2 camera inputs ? 

   Can you recommend other live streaming tools ? 


4. Can  I.MX8M MPU support MJpeg  codec and encode ?

   then, how about CPU load in those cases compared to  H264?