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FTP and flash file system for RT1020?

Question asked by rshipman on Feb 13, 2020
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What is the best way to get a file system set up in flash?

For example, the RT1020-EVK has an 8MByte flash, and I would like to set up a flash FS that allows FTP access (via ethernet)?


I am looking at FatFS, including the evkmimxrt1020_sdcard_fatfs SDK demo as a starting point.


There does not seem to be an obvious physical drive number for flash (to give to f_mount):


/* Definitions of physical drive number for each drive */
#define RAMDISK 0 /* Example: ram disk to physical drive 0 */
#define USBDISK 1 /* usb disk to physical drive 1 */
#define SDDISK 2 /* sd disk to physical drive 2 */
#define MMCDISK 3 /* mmc disk to physical drive 3 */
#define SDSPIDISK 4 /* sdspi disk to physical drive 4 */
#define NANDDISK 5 /* nand disk to physical drive 5 */


What if I modified the RAMDISK support to handle erasing, and configured fatfs to allow for the flash page size?

Is this a sensible approach, or is there a much better way? Perhaps using a different file system/library?


Any information/suggestion greatly appreciated.