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Softreset not working if executing from OctalSPI flash

Question asked by Werner Kullmann on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by Werner Kullmann

Hello, I am using the embeddedartists imxrt1062 board which has the adesto ATXP032 as serial octal NOR flash. My application is burned into the NOR flash and is starting well at Powerup. Now I encounter the following problem: As soon as I try to make a soft reset by setting bit 2 in AIRCR or forcing a watchdog reset to occur the processor reboots, but then stays in the ROM bootloader of NXP. I have the impression that the serial flash cannot be read anymore and so the bootloader decides to go into Bootmode 01 = serial boot. SRC_SBMR2 show after a POR and after the softreset the value 02 which is right. As long as I am in my application I can read the flash, after the softreset I only read 0xffffffff. For sure my application changes the clocks, but if this is the problem then it could only be the moment when th ROM bootloader reinitializes the CCM(_ANALOG) registers.

I am already busy with this issue the whole week, so a quick help would be appreciated.