mfgtool2 damage two pico-imx7d SOM modules. Where it spoiled?

Discussion created by NEUBER DE SOUSA on Dec 26, 2019
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I have this issue: My other imx7d pico android things start kit died, again 


I was following the steps of this link: iMX7D Pico won't boot 


I used the <LIST name = "eMMC-Brillo-uboot" script from ucl2.xml file


I left the script running beyond time. After Done appeared on the screen it was still running for about 8 minutes.


I think I found out what burned my devices. And the answer is in the link/iIMAGE below (despite being another SOM)


My questions is:  What component did it damage? How to make sure which component(s) burned? Why it spoiled?