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Want to drive ws2811 LED driver IC with LPC1769

Question asked by prasannababu satya durga on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by prasannababu satya durga

i am writing a program for ws2811 led driver IC in Keil UV5 with the PWM peripheral.


For ws2811 led driver,

  • To send a logic one of bit value in byte
    • a "ON "(GPIO pin = high) period of 600 nano Seconds in a total time of 1250 nano Seconds
  • To send a logic zero
      • a "ON"(GPIO pin = high) period of 250 nano Seconds in a total time of 1250 nano Seconds.

I configure the LPC cpu clock as 120Mhz(maximum possible value) and also the PWM pclk as same as CPU clock.


here the problem, is the controller repeatedly was in interrupt handler(it mean, once it goes to interrupt handler and during servicing the interrupt handler,another interrupt is pending,so it is not going to main loop execution)


could any one suggest the other techniques to drive the ws2811 led driver with lpc1769.