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Confirmed support for RAW12 through 4-lane CSI-2 sensor on i.MX8M?

Question asked by Peter Hahn on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Twan Spil

I've found a few forum posts describing attempts to bring up support for RAW12 on a 4-lane CSI2 sensor, has anyone had success in receiving 12-bit RAW data through 4-lane CSI2 sensor?


Comment regarding inability to bring up RAW12 in 4-lane configuration on i.MX8M : iMX8M MIPI-CSI 4-lane configuration  


Comment regarding lack of support for RAW12 on i.MX7D 


Comment regarding difficulty bringing up RAW12 on i.MX6D Mipi Csi-2: Capturing RAW12 Data correctly into Memory 


Comment showing some success in getting RAW12 working on i.MX6 i.MX6Q MIPI CSI2: Capturing RAW12 generic data