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How the GPIO pins are connected to the PLU inputs? (demo example)

Question asked by Randa Zarrouk on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Randa Zarrouk
In the demo example combination.c* it is mentioned that it is about:
a number of GPIO pins are connected to PLU inputs and the LED is used to monitor the PLU outputs to demonstrate the configuration and use of the Programmable Logic Unit (PLU) to construct a combinational logic network.
Well, the demo still not working for me. Meanwhile, I was digging into the different functions of the code. 
Now I am wondering about how are the GPIO pins are connected to the PLU_IN
The function "SetPluInputSource" (screenshot bellow) is charged of setting the PLU input source with the input value got from the GPIO, more precisely it is the function "GPIO_PinWrite" which intended to be in charge of setting this value. Meanwhile, as far as I understood, it writes the value in the pin of the GPIO not in the PLU. This makes conclude that it must be connection somewhere between the GPIO pins and the PLU pins. And I just can't find the the link (the connection) between both of them (>.<)" .
For instance, PIO1_8 is a different pin than the PLU_IN3 but according to the label of PIO1_8 which is GPIO_PLU_IN3, it shows that there it is intended that PLU_IN3 gets the value of PIO1_8. 
I may missed something is the way, if not how is the PLU_IN3 going to get the value of GPIO_PLU_IN3 (PIO1_8) 
Ps: the GPIO module definition :
#define DEMO_GPIO_PLU_SRC_0_PIN 8U  
#define DEMO_GPIO_PLU_SRC_1_PIN 9U  
as far as I understood, those are the pin numbers to which the GPIO is routed 



*: SDK_2.x 2.6.3, target board: LPCXpresso55S69


Thank you in advance.