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TWR-K70P120M demo code

Question asked by Vibhu Sounder on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Vibhu Sounder

Hi Guys,

I have twr-k70f120m and twr-ser  boards. At first I tested the democode which was already in the board and it was working fine. I downloaded codewarrior v10.2.2 and erased the chip to flash the new code.

I erased and ran the code in debug mode and the code was executed.

Now if I again flash the demo code into the  chip the code is not working/executing.

I want to again flash the demo code which had the #memory game, accelerometer, touch led on/off.

Can anyone please tell me how to flash it and why the board is not working even after the code flash is successful (image 2)?


Also the reset led (D2) is partially on all the time and it glows brightly when I press the reset button. Is it the normal behavior or is there anything wrong with the board?


Please Help !