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Firmware Update using Flash remapping

Question asked by Prashant Humbre on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by King Chen


I am using i.MX RT1064. I am developing a Firmware Update feature into my project.

For this, I want to use Flash remapping feature and also my requirement is to store the previous image in the flash as it is as a backup till I receive 3rd image.

 I have read these documents:



I am storing my images at the addresses as follows

Image 1: Address 1 = 0x70008000

Image 2: Address 2 = 0x70204000

I am able to remap Image 2 on address 1 successfully.

My observation is, I am able to see the Image 2 data on Address 1 in memory window of MCU Expresso. Also, I checked that, Image 1 data is not erased, it is there on Address 1 physically. I checked this data using NXP-MCUBootUtility (External Flash read tool).


Now when I want to receive 3rd image and want to store it at address 1(as it is not getting used physically) while my Image 2 is running, I cannot store it.


I am using flexspi_nor_flash_page_program() API to store the image on the addresses. But it is giving me status error as 7001.

Any help will be appreciated!