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power_down  model  interrupt

Question asked by lin ya on Jul 10, 2019
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hello !

   use LPC824  33PIN  MCU   .The Programs maked the MCU into POWER_DOWN  model, the programs  also set  PO-04 for PIN interrupt  third  port.    Set  the  PO-04   for  falling edge and port  interrupt enabled,but the interrupt disable wake up the POWER_DOWN . due to  the third PIN interrupt  only handle the interrupt inside  programs for pulse  counting.and  the external  pulse is frequently . therefore  hope  when  the MCU into the POWER_DOWN ,the third PIN interrput disable wake up the PWOER_DOWN , and  the third PIN interrupt also   entery  interrpution when  external pulse trigger .I  try but the hope is not success ,the third PIN  interrupt is not entered . Why is it ?I  need your help ! thinks