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HOW to partition S32K116 RAM

Question asked by jinshuai xu on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by jinshuai xu

Hello :

     Now, I  meet a question .l want to partion S32K116 chip RAM address to several ereas to storage variable.the question is : In debug mode, l  initialize RAM1  area  variable ,the project run sucess.In not debug mode, I initialize RAM1 area variable ,when the project run to set RAM1 area variable (  RAM1_TEST1=1;), the chip will reset. just as bellow :


     l think the question is l have setted "S32K1xx_flash.ld" file wrong.please tell how to set "S32K1xx_flash.ld".

the memory setting as follow.



in project ,I add define as bellow

#define SRAM1_STRORG __attribute__ ((section(".SRAM1"))) /* 8k */


#define SRAM1_STRORGL_UINT16 SRAM1_STRORG uint16_t
#define SRAM1_STRORGL_INT16 SRAM1_STRORG int16_t
#define SRAM1_STRORG_UINT32 SRAM1_STRORG uint32_t


l have upload the project ,please reselve my questing,thank you.