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MCUXpresso and RT1050 download and debug in SDRAM

Question asked by Tom Moulton on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

My application is larger than the on chip SRAM, so I am working on building a debug version that will load and run in SDRAM.


I found a few useful threads and I may be down to the last issue. RT1050_BriefOverview_v201.pdf was very helpful


To summarize some of the changes I made


I updated the MCU Settings to add the SDRAM, and added a region for the last 2MB which is said to be uncached.

I made the SDRAM first in the list, I also adjusted the stack not to be at the exact top of SDRAM


I added RT1050_SDRAM_Init.scp as a connect script for the debugger to init SDRAM controller


ISSUE> I can not step over a break point, I can't even remove a BP I have hit without reloading the image.


It feels like a cache issue, almost like the Debugger is not updating/flushing Instruction Cache


If I load a project with a BP already enabled and before I run it I remove the BP, then it is not hit.

If I hit a BP I can use the debugger to move past it, skipping a statement.


I would rather not disable cache for the SDRAM, I am hoping there is a way to fix it in the debugger

Any suggestions?