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S32K Can Filtering

Question asked by Daniel Wax Employee on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Alexandru Nan

Im trying to help a customer come up with the best way to do CAN filtering but S32K documentation is confusing about how to setup the mask and the individual filter elements. Can you tell us how should we set up the filter for the following scenario?


For our scenario, RX FIFO is enabled. We have messages coming to CAN1 with the messages IDs ranging from 0x402-0x450. We would like to allow all

the messages to pass except for two messages: 0x44d and 0x44e.


Can you show us one way to set up the masks and the individual filters to be able to do this?  I see the CAN_SetRxFilter function but we have examples.  I just want to make sure I set this up most efficiently and dont spin many cycles.