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MPC5743R Interrupt

Question asked by Hornby Xu Employee on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Peter Vlna

MPC5743R default booting core is core1, not core 0. So, need clear understanding on multicore logic, and how to enable different core

a) The actual core id is read by “uint16_t coreId = GetCoreID ();” in InitINTC.

b) The interrupt configuration shall base on coreid, not hardcode “INTC_0.PSR[226].R= 0x4001; /* IRQ sent to Core 1, Priority 1 */”

c) The macro shall be enabled based on core id, TURN_ON_CPU1


A quick test code is as attached, move all configuration to core 1, and interrupt works well.

IDE: S32DS for Power version: 2017r1 with Update 10.