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What tools are used to program the MK10DX256VLH7?,

Question asked by todd heckleman on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by todd heckleman

Hi everyone,


This is a hard question that may not have an answer.  


 How do you setup MCUXpresso to program a MK10DX256VLH7?   


We are trying to port MK02 code to a MK10DX256VLH7 and there appears to be no way to even program the device let alone port code to it.   I find this hard to believe and NXP would not allow this to happen.   Talk about code protection, LOL. 

We designed in a  MK10DX256VLH7 and now it appears that we are stuck. 


Any comments, suggestions, opinions would greately be appreciated.   


Thank you for your time and any help you can provide.