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RGMII with DP83867 in Linux Kernel for T2081 board

Question asked by Anshul khare on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Anshul khare

We are having a custom board based on T2081 processor having two PHY (DP83867) attached to the processor via RGMII interface.The design is based on the T2080RDB-PC Board.


in U-boot i am able to configure the Ethernet and Ping is working fine.
but i am not getting TI DP83867 driver present in linux Kernel,
i am using Linux SDK-V2.0-1701 it has linux kernel 4.1,
how to configure the RGMII configuration for DP83867 in Linux ??
Kindly help us to resolve this issue.
please check the attached logs.




Anshul Khare