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Kinetis bootloader start from application

Question asked by Martin Dušek on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Martin Dušek


I want to initiate firmware upgrade from application, so I want to start bootloader (KBOOT 2) from application and keep it running. I didn't find this option in bootloader. Do I have to program it myself? Can you recommend how to do it? Eg. write some register that is guaranted not to change during reset with an information, that bootloader should and perform software reset to enter bootloader...?


Next question: I would like to enter my app with all peripherals, clocks, etc. unitialized. I think Kinetis bootloader initializes some peripherals, clocks, etc. and then it jumps to application's reset vector. Is there an option, where e.g. bootloader writes some register that is guaranted not to change during reset with an information that application should run, then it executes software reset and during next bootloader startup, it checks that register and it immediatelly jumps to the application? Or, again, do I have to implement it myself?