Patrick Pan

Tips: how to fix Rejoin Distance issue

Discussion created by Patrick Pan Employee on Feb 18, 2019

Some customers found that the rejoin distance of JN5169 ZED is much shorter (almost 20~25% ) than its normal operation distance. This issue has been fixed by SDK4170-v2007 and code in the SDK need to be modified as followings :


1)comment BDB_vSetAssociationFilter() in vNsDiscoverNwk in Bdb_ns.c

2)comment BDB_vSetRejoinFilter() in BDB_vRejoinCycle in Bdb_start.c

3)comment BDB_vSetRejoinFilter() in BDB_vTlStateMachine in Bdb_tl_end_device_initiator_target.c and in vTlHandleScanResponse


Also  replace three zps_g_pvApl with ZPS_pvAplZdoGetAplHandle()  in APP_vConvertR21_PdmToR22_Records in App_pdm_convert.c in end device AN.