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Input interrupt Handler example on KW41Z

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Feb 4, 2019
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I am using as a project base the "frdmkw41z_driver_examples_gpio_input_interrupt" SDK example. In this project the SW3 attached to the PTC4 pin is configured as an input interrupt and it uses the PORTB_PORTC_IRQHandler to receive the interrupt and set a flag to toggle a LED.


In my case I want to set up two input interrupts the SW3 and SW4 (PTC4 and PTC5), as there is only one IRQHandler for the same PORTB (PORTB_PORTC_IRQHandler) how can I receive the input interrupt from the SW4?


As I can see, there are only two IRQHandler: PORTB_PORTC_IRQHandler and PORTA_IRQHandler, so this means that the Board can only handle two input interrupts at the same time? How can I receive more digital input interrupts?




Diego Comín