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R41Z I2C compatibility with Raspberry Pi?

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Jan 18, 2019
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I have a setup, where a R41Z module is connected via I2C to my Raspberry Pi Zero. The R41Z acts as a slave and my Raspberry Pi Zero as the master. I put simple communications via I2C to transmit some frames and I realized that the R41Z modules only transmit all the caracters well with only 10kHz Speed Bus!!! How this can be possible??


If I increment the bus speed, for example at 100 kHz I attach here the frame of data I obtain:


If I increment the bus speed to 400 kHz (I2C standard speed) I obtain a horrible response to the R41Z:

I took a look to the I2C protocol with a protocol analyzer and the data are being sent correctly from the Raspberry Pi to the R41Z.



The R41Z can not interpret the I2C commands with more than 10 kHz. How can be it possible? How can I solve this issue.




Diego Comín