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iMX7S clock inputs / outputs

Question asked by Andrea Pastega on Nov 29, 2018
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we are going to design a board with iMX7S, we need to connect clock inputs / outputs to other devices.

While reading the CCM chapter on IMX7SRM the clock structure is quite clear to me,

it's not completely clear to me how the internal signals are connected to external pins.

Referring to signal names used in drawings at pages 496-799, there's not exact matching with pin names at

pages 479-480.

Furthermore, CCM_CLK1_P/N and CCM_CLK2 are not present at all...


Please complete / correct the following connection table:


PIN (direction)  <---> SIGNAL

CCM_CLK1_P / CCM_CLK1_N (input / output) <---> ?

CCM_CLK2 (output) <---> ?

CCM_CLKO1 (output) <---> CCM_CLKO1 

CCM_CLKO2 (output) <---> CCM_CLKO2

CCM_ENET1_REF_CLK (output) <---> ?

CCM_ENET2_REF_CLK (output) <---> ?

CCM_ENET3_REF_CLK (output) <---> ?

CCM_EXT_CLK1 (input) <---> CCM_EXT_CLK1

CCM_EXT_CLK2 (input) <---> CCM_EXT_CLK2

CCM_EXT_CLK3 (input) <---> CCM_EXT_CLK3

CCM_EXT_CLK4 (input) <---> CCM_EXT_CLK4


NOTE: In another post CCM_CLK2 is defined as input only... what is correct?