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Linking a complete Folder into a specific region

Question asked by sven-ericweiss on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2018 by Erich Styger

Hello there,


I am currently working as a student trainee. There I have to program a bootloader application for the LPC4312 controller.

My problem is the following. The bootloader is, together with a communication program, in one project. Those two projects share some libraries and functions. But these shared libraries and functions are placed in the region which I am overwriting with my bootloader application. Obviously I am getting a Hard_fault_error with my bootloader after I deleted functions, which I have to use with the bootloader. 

Therefore my plan is to put all functions I need within my bootloader application into a specific folder of the project.

My question is, as I have never worked with linker scripts, is it possible to link this specific folder into the protected region of the bootloader? And if it is possible, how?


Before I tried to make a copy of every function I need and place it manually into the bootloader region, but this was tedious, because there where just far too many functions which where all connected inside one another.


I hope I was able to accuratly express the situation.


Best regards