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MBDT - CAN on S32K144EVB

Question asked by Arthur LUBAT on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by oscar cheng


I am currently trying to make a model with MBDT for a S32K144 EVB. On this model I need to receive 2 CAN messages on the CAN 0 channel (ID 1D7 and 1D8). These two messages are emitted one after another every 20ms.


The problem I have is I don’t manage to receive both messages on the board (Although I manage to read 1 message by doing something similar to the example “How to Build and Configure a CAN with S32K to Emulate Automotive Body Control Infrastructure “ - )


Can you give me an example of a model able to read two CAN messages? Shall I use the RxFIFO option? If yes can you give me some  information on how to set the “FCAN_Isr” and “FCAN_Config” blocks to make it work.


Thanks by advance