Mark Butcher

KBOOT Compatible Loader with additional AES-256 Encryption/Decryption for very strong IP protection

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Nov 8, 2018

Hi All


I am pleased to announce that the uTasker project now includes small-footprint KBOOT compatible UART/USB-HID loaders for (almost) all Kinetis boards and Kinetis parts that can be built with MCUXpresso, KDS, CW, IAR Keil, Atollic, Rowley Crossworks, etc. and also built and simulated in Visual Studio - with additional AES256 encryption/decryption.  As well as working out-of-the-box for most Kinetis parts (any thing missing can usually be added within a couple of hours on request) they are highly configurable (allowing mixing with USB-MSD composite, SD card etc.) and interfaces can be moved around using a simple define (eg. to use a different UART #define LOADER_UART           3 can be changed to #define LOADER_UART           2, etc).


AES256 decryption can be selected (depending on processor or for experiments) to be performed by in-built HW accelerators (mmCAU or LTC when available) or using any choice from OpenSSL, WolfSSL or mbedTLS libraries encapsulated in a generic application interface.

As well as the additional option for very strong IP security on top of the standard KBOOT loading compatibility it allows almost any Kinetis processor or favorite IDE to be used for projects with no porting overhead/expense - plus professional support when needed.


It is shown in operation at
and I prepared a couple of binaries for K64 at (using mmCAU)
and KL82 (using LTC)