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Question asked by Marcin Miklas on Oct 17, 2018
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I have S32K148EVB-Q176 29643 REV C and ADTJA1101-RMII 30211 REV B. I would like to run lwIP TCP/IP stack demo application from S32 SDK.


Should lwip_s32k148 from S32K14x EAR SDK v0.8.6 Example Project run on my unmodified S32K148EVB-Q176?


Demo app description says:

    In order for the example to work, resistors R123 and R514 must be populated and resistors R137 and R96 depopulated.
    These changes are in place on the S32K148 EVB (RevC).


I have RevC board but the R137 is populated and R123 is depopulated. Should I unsolder resistor from R137 and solder in R123?


Also, is the demo app suppose to work without any modifications as the demo description suggests? Or should I add the proper PHY driver for TJA1101 in Processor Expert and then add some function calls in enetif_low_level_init to initialize PHY?



Marcin Miklas