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OLED Display - LPC804

Discussion created by Ashok Ra on Oct 11, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


This simple demo of displaying text and image on OLED screen (0.96 Inch & 128x64 pixels). OLED is interfaced to LPC804 with I2C connections. LPC-IoT board is used in this project.

OLED Display

Pin Connections:

OLED->PIN Vcc   - 3.3v

OLED->PIN Gnd  - Gnd

OLED->PIN SDA - LPC804->P0_7

OLED->PIN SCL - LPC804->P0_14





    OLED_DrawImage(0, 0, logo_nxp);

    OLED_PrintText(6, 24, text_nxp);


Download the example from here


Happy Coding!


Ashok R