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Post build commands on win10

Question asked by Catosh on Oct 11, 2018
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I want to perform static stack analysis as post-build step as Erich Styger describes here. Since I am having issues using the "find -name*.o" trick I wrote a python script that looks in the Debug folder, strips the *.o file obtained from the assembly startup file (hardcoded in this moment) ad creates a batch file that launches the perl avstack script. 


I have an env variable that contains the path to my python script(called MYSCRIPT). As Post-build step I provide: 

python ${MYSCRIPT}\

and everything works fine.


If I concatenate the bat command using the & or && or even ; , everything fails BAD. 

python ${MYSCRIPT}\ & ${CWD}\DoStackAnalysis.bat

/bin/sh: C:UsersUser1[omissis]Project_TemplateDebugDoStackAnalysis.bat: command not found


Any hint on this point would be gladly appreciated.

Script attached for everyone's sake.





Edit: probably the backslash near "Outputfiles" would be better as a slah.

Edit2: the previous python script worked fine only with my project, the updated one fits well on the examples from the NXP's SDK.


I had to merge The two bat files just for having a single bat file to run as post-build file.

I am assuming that there is configuration called "Debug".

Placing in the Debug directory of the project allows to run the complete batch script as post build. 

Enabling fstack usage in misc:


and adding the path as post build script:


The generated bat file (DoStackAnalysis.bat) can be launched from the folder.

And here comes the issue in my following post BTW.