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LWIP IPV6 example

Question asked by Pietro di Castri on Aug 31, 2018

Good morning



I am trying the double stack option with LWIP. The local link address is replying to the ping. 

I try to add the lines


IP6_ADDR(ip_2_ip6(&(fsl_netif0.ip6_addr[1])), 0xc30600fc, 0x91a853c3, 0x0, 0x04000000 );
IP_SET_TYPE_VAL(fsl_netif0.ip6_addr[1], IPADDR_TYPE_V6);


I suppose the address will be added to the auto configured. 


The ping


ping -6 fc00:6c3:c353:a891::4  


does not get a reply. Is there something wrong in the added lines for setting the pinged address, or I should do more than this....


Help needed..


Thank You