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i am unable to write and read registers from  slve Device(Accelometer LIS331DLH)perticular location ?

Question asked by sivakumar puli on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

we are using P2020 Processor with the linux platform,  I2C interface with LIS331DLH Accelerometer sensor

Actually i  am writing the application in the user level  to read Accelerometer LIS331DLH sensor data X-axis, Y-axis,Z-axis Value

here i am facing issue,   i want write the data in particular address to Enable (EN_X_Y_Z); //CTRL_REG1 register enable X-axis, Y-axis,Z-axis in normal mode ,  how we read the data from specific register address? kindly guide me.

 CTRL_REG1= 0x20;  //   Register address

  EN_X_Y_Z= 0x27;  // Data


how can i write 0x27 data in the CTRL Register1 address location 0x20 ,please tell me


unsigned char reg_buf[5];

buf[0]= 0x30;  // write address

buf[0]=0x20;  //  register address

buf[1]=0x27;  // data

write(fd, reg_buf, sizeof(buf));  // for your reference i have attached my program


how we write, read I2C register's Data using system call, kindly help me  i am hanging here i am not able to read Accelerometer sensor registers from particular location data , please send sample program.