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Question asked by matt weber on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by ufedor

At one point there was basic support for 64bit big-endian e5500 and e6500 in GOlang but it was completely removed in the last year (I've still got to check if gccgo support is functional Crosscompiling go with C library on powerpc64 –  ).  This pretty much means no use of any newer Linux container management tools. Or for that matter any GO based applications/libs.  Is there any internal NXP support for bringing back GOlang support for the QoriQ arch's?   Looks like a POWER8 standard is now the minimum for 64bit big-endian(all: require POWER8 support for ppc64, to match ppc64le · Issue #19074 · golang/go · GitHub ).


GOlang discussion about deprecation policy.

all: define deprecation policy for old architectures · Issue #19075 · golang/go · GitHub 


Discussion about dropping support.

cmd/link: ppc64 (big endian) cgo errors · Issue #13192 · golang/go · GitHub